1. Said A Father

From the recording Said A Father

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The song, Said a Father, was conceived as an acoustic tribute to fathers and mothers - and in this case, a couple of the best parents a child could ever hope to have. The song's music and lyrics continue to help unwrap the gift of those early "golden" years. Gratitude may not necessarily be uppermost in a child's mind or actions in "the heat of the moment" growing up, yet as I've come to realize over time: awareness of the sacrifices made by my parents - and the love they gave my brother, sister and me - are the kind of presents you don't outgrow.


Said A Father
by Michael Lyon

Said a father to his son
Lad, your life has just begun
Long to teach you all I know
There is much you don’t outgrow

Walk on water all you like
Spread your wings and off you’ll fly
Far and fast as time will go
There’s still much you don’t outgrow

Shone my mother’s warmest love
Proud to be my father’s son
Just as they knew now I know
There’s so much you don’t outgrow