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September 17, 2023 

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What Could Be Review 

What Could Be by MICHAEL LYON is an upbeat collection of tracks exploring the indomitable human spirit, the importance of perseverance, and the gift of the present day. Using acoustic alt-folk styling and a confident yet vulnerable vocal performance, Lyon takes us on a journey through trials and tribulations, both personal and universal. 

The album opens with Sunrise which sets the tone perfectly. By glorifying the morning, this track emphasizes each new day being a gift. This sense of a new morning stretching out in front of you is further underscored by the layers of delicate and uplifting guitar work. Both strumming to set the rhythm and plucking to embellish and build upon the melody. I also like the harmonies used in the track, it feels like a mix between Simon and Garfunkel and The Beach Boys with the higher harmonies floating over the mix beautifully. 

A later track, Love, builds further on these harmonies, especially in the chorus where it feels as if the harmony adds not only emphasis but also power to the psychedelic lyrics such as “through time and space, all our days. Be the love we’re all a part of.” The harmonies match the theme of community discussed in the track in a way that feels very opening as if you are being invited to sing along. 

Another track, One Man’s War takes on a separate and equally universal theme, tackling the human spirit and the importance of perseverance in a very different way than I've seen explored previously. The track has quiet solace created by the sole guitar and raw vocals, verging on spoken word at points. That purity, mixed with lyrics like “if freedom cannot be the fight is for survival” and “time to break your silence” create this entrancing mix between solemn instrumentation and brave lyrics that explores standing up for yourself from a unique angle. To me, it felt as if the track showed the balance between fear and courage people feel when they decide to stand up and fight for what they believe in. 

Another great track is Rain Or Shine, which focuses on the new beginnings that come after winter is over. Whether it is literal winter passing or a metaphor for hardship, the gentle harmonies and guitar plucking come together to feel like a sigh of relief, proud and happy to have made it through a tough part of the year. 

What Could Be stands tall amongst its alt folk contemporaries because of its excellent musical execution and strong themes which feel both universal and personal at the same time.

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