Michael in motion, laying a foundation for the new CURIOSITY album...

Photos from the WAKING UP album abound! Some included here are from the album artwork; others were close at hand while writing these songs...

Photos from the PICTURES album...

Song Lyrics

From the the first single from CURIOSITY... 


 A lifetime seems short, our time incomplete 

The journey toward home, must it be bittersweet? 

Picture the sky spring into life 

Songbirds are headed our way 


Fly free, far as can be 

What are the sights you’ve been longing to see? 

Fly me over the sea 

No better time to go flying 


Drawn to the sky, we rise to new heights 

The rush of bright feathers stands out in the light 

When you combine the song with the sight 

Time to get carried away 


Fly free, far as you please 

Well worth a try, floating by on the breeze 

Fly free over the sea 

What better time to go flying? 


Doubt cast aside, dare we to dream? 

Wake to a view unlike you’ve ever seen 

At dawn a new light, awaits in the sky 

Time to be flying away 


Fly free, far as can be 

Behold the sights you’ve been longing to see 

Fly free over the sea 

No finer day to go flying 

Now is the time to go flying


From the WAKING UP album...

Morning Song

Light has come, the day is young, early birds abound  
Curtain’s rising, sun is up  
Time to hit the ground running… around  

Yes indeed, last night was fun, but what a price to pay  
Out the door, the morning brings  
Another song to play, rushing… around  

Fill my breakfast bowl  
Love those Cheerios – on the GO!  

Come and fly a kite with me, get this off the ground  
Welcome on the ferris wheel --  
Merry go, merry go, ‘round, whirling all… whirling all around  

Up and on your toes  
Strike a victory pose – on your mark, get set – go-go-GO!


Grows a Tree  

Grows a tree, and we to wonder  

How on earth to climb so high?  

Tiny seed to towering tree  

Pause in awe, then proceed  

to praise the music, scale the heights  

There grows a tree  

in song and season  

Dare to dream and you grow tall  


Tree ever growing, climb so high  


Grows a tree, inviting me  

aboard, to journey toward the light  

At attention, then at ease  

Floating off on gentle breeze  

Awake your music, paint the sky  

There grows a tree  

in song and season  

Dare to dream and you grow tall


High Road

 Make it a promise to keep, man to the moon, one giant leap  
No giving up on ideals, proceed to the route, stop spinning our wheels  
Say, do you know, where’s the high road?  

Precious the promise of peace, a dove in the hand our children release  
You got the power to lead -- want to be fair or more about greed?  
Oh, would you know, where’s the high road?  

Mama taught me right from wrong  
Stand up, what is it we’re waiting for?  
What’s a better time than just right now?  
There’s a high road  

What IS the source of our strength -- weapons of war or freedom of speech?  
Picture a pathway of hope, insight and love, well within reach  
Deep down you know – there’s a high road  

Life reveals our time not long  
Wake up, what is it we’re waiting for?  
What is wrong if all of us… ALL of us belong?  
There’s a high road  

Deep down you know: there’s a high road  
Oh yeah, you know: there’s… a… high… road


What Were You Dreaming? 

What were you dreaming before it was light?  
What special place did you go for the night?  
Off on a trip of my own, who knows where  
What a surprise, awaiting me there  

There stood my father, again, in his prime  
Little had changed after all of this time  
Honor the past, thought I’d learned this by now  
But how to thank him, I still don’t know how  

Live to dream, rest in peace, wake to wonders that never cease  
How do you, how did he, make the moment a masterpiece?  

My father, the artist, his dreams came true  
The paintings he left me, I have just a few  
My brother and sister, might well feel the same  
If not for our lives, he’d have surely found fame  

What are you dreaming, what did you decide?  
Which new horizons are opening wide?  
Welcome a glimpse of a face you’ve known well -  
someone who helped you stand up when you fell  

Live to dream, rest in peace, wake to wonders that never cease  
How do you, how did he, make the moment a masterpiece?


 You Smile

Take your pick, any prize, what will it be?  
Oh, to hit the jackpot, and be worry-free…  

Been to many places in my life ‘til now  
Browsin’ a thousand faces lighting up a crowd  
and asked: IS that smile for me?  

Cookies full of fortune, have they brought me luck?  
Raised my expectations, watched ‘em self-destruct  
and then, you smiled at me. Then, you smiled at me. Filled my heart with glee  

Work a lot of hours, take ‘em one by one  
Time for celebrating when the job gets done  
and then, you smile…  
And then, then you smile at me  

You might say I’m mesmerized, quite a little bit  
Like the prince who found the slipper finally would fit  
Surprise: you smile at me! When you smile at me (ever so kind of you to be issuing a)  
lifetime guarantee  

Wave to Mona Lisa on a gallery wall  
Was it really Helen, fairest one of all?  
Not when, you smile. No frown on file. First prize: you smile at… me!


From the Sky

 Land of the free, home of the brave  
Just as large as can be are these gifts that they gave  
Mountains can move in the wink of an eye  
Land on your feet when you fall from the sky  

Where do you turn with so much to confide?  
Ever longing to share what is hidden inside  
Why would you think there’s no walking on air?  
Crossing a field is a song everywhere  

Who claims defeat -- won't put up a fight?  
What does it mean, by the dawn's early light?  
Mountains they move – it can take quite a while  
Land on your feet when you fall from the sky


Waiting To Be Born

Friends, prepare a toast  
Raise this glass to my host  

Katie, Tom, Ben,  
Paul and John do  
make me feel happy  
just to be making this song for you  

Bet your mother is proud  
She and Dad spent their lives devoted to  
how that daughter turned out  

It's hard to accept that families change  
Sometimes it upsets me  
But it's the way things all work out  

Thank you then -- and now  
Hey you sweet-hearted gal!  

Won't you take me back to the girl next door  
Can't you just imagine what could be  
waiting to be born?  

Waiting to be  
Waving to me  
Waiting to be born


I Ask You  

Who is going to bang on the bass drum?  

Poised to play the part with pride  

Who’s about to march with that head held high?  

Is it up to all of us or just the other guy? I ask you… 


Where is this parade to take us?  

Over yonder, rain or shine  

What would make the home town crowd so proud  

and save a special place in line?  


Who’s prepared to give this their best shot?  

Leaving all regrets behind  

Who would rather encore than say goodbye?  

Was an airplane possible or never going to fly? I ask you… 


Where is this parade to take us?  

Starting point through finish line  

Who is going to sound the big, bass drum?  

It seems to me you’ll do just fine


Stand and Cheer   

Stand and cheer, the baby’s born, crying out in bed  

Soon a chance to coax a smile. First, let’s get her fed  

Open up your arms, oh yeah  

This is how you stand and cheer  


Stand and cheer a baby boy, crawling here and there  

‘fore you know, he’s all grown up and moves like Fred Astaire  

Open every door you can  

Then he’ll walk on air. This is where we stand and cheer  


Warm wind blowing; guide them growing  


Stand and cheer your children on, toes and fingers crossed  

Theirs to build a better world. Don’t let them get lost  

Open up your heart, oh yeah  

Off to Disneyland, cue the marching band  

This is where we stand and cheer



How to calm the storm that lies within  
and to stay on course through thick and thin?  
Don’t you lose your will  
on the climb uphill  
Stunning views are on the way  
Getting out from under  
with a shout in wonder  
Start anew today  

How to find what’s lost when you’ve grown apart  
and restore the love deep inside your heart?  
It was built to last, wait  
Not so fast,  
It is hard work every day…  
I’ll be with you all the way


Sing Your Song

Get this show on the road: Sing your song  
Ready? Rhyme! Curtain time, all day long  
Hello, Mr. Chickadee! You hop to -- from tree to tree  
Attaboy, spreading joy: Sing your song  

Spill the beans, eat your greens: YOU -- be strong  
Much-maligned, never mind, whereupon  
Hug the priest, tame the beast, first forgive to say the least  
On your toes, thar she blows: Sing your song… Hey Hey!  

Do it right away! No cold feet, trick or treat  
Look who’s in the driver’s seat  

Take the show, on the road: Rise and shine!  
Tap your feet, to the beat, yours and mine  
Fall in love, do it right, roll on out our wedding night  
No remorse, stay the course: Sing your song… Hey Hey!  

Do it right away! Ditch the fad, work like mad  
Thanks a million, Mom & Dad!


 From the PICTURES album...


Take a Picture 

Take a picture of us all 

Place it proudly on the wall 

Then to offer thanks again 

Wish the good times never end 


Prize the fountain of all youth 

Pledge allegiance to the truth 

As a summer day is long 

We come together in this song 


Take a picture of us all 

Smile and make a curtain call 

May the memory never fade 

Come taste the best dish ever made



Golden Gate Bridge 

I’m in love with you know who 

You remind me of a movie star, the camera’s rolling 

I, like you, know two goes better than one 

Do you agree? We’re free to take our time 


Golden Gate Bridge twinkles tonight 

Sun sets, moon rises, mom was right 

Catch a good night’s sleep, leaves me wide awake 

There’s a second chance; it’s a brand new day 


No use trying to be someone that I’m not 

just going to preach or ask for money, honey 

Make a silly face as we realize all we got 

The best is free, the rest is over-priced 


When I make it big I won’t forget to send 

thousand dollar bills to all my long lost friends 

No, but don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for 

If your ship came in, you would give me more – you would! 


Ought to take the time to take the TV out of the house 

I sit and get so fat and lazy, baby 

Want to take you out, enjoy the evening dancing about 

We’ll shake our hips ‘til they reduce in size


Pick me up, lift me off the ground 

If it makes you dizzy simply spin me ‘round 

With some fancy feet and a quick tip toe 

I forgot to ask, did you like the show?


Once Upon a Time 

Smile on a face 

time won’t erase 

Not for a good long while…


Once upon a time in your dreams 

arrives a prince on a fine white horse 

Lifts you up as unfolding wings 

reveal a glimpse of abiding love 


Once upon a time in your dreams 

a bedtime story told long ago 

Right on target, or so it seems 

to be the arrow from Cupid’s bow 


Answer well this wake up call 

as glad you’d gaze at a crystal ball 

Crown this prince the proudest king 

Behold how beautiful is his queen


Once upon a time in your dreams 

arrives a prince on a great white horse 

Magic calls as your spirit sings 

and brings you happiness evermore



Try taking a risk, sailing a ship, making a splash 

Fresh catch of the day, reelin’ it in, anchors away 

Onward toward a distant shore, sea to shining sea 

Yonder lies a land of hope, peace and harmony


Try baking a cake, bask in the fine mess you can make 

Fastball, swing and a miss, wave to the crowd, blow ‘em a kiss 

Deck the halls like Santa Claus, smile the extra mile 

On your toes as grandpa goes, dancing down the aisle… 


Onward toward a distant shore, sea to shining sea 

Happy ever after all, why not try to be? 


Try, try to believe, sure as a squirrel climbing a tree 

No wish to curtail, living the dream, large as a whale 

Try to find where greatness lies, search from A to Z 

Many million miles of stars shine for all to see…



Surprise -- fresh flowers, a big bouquet! 

Ghosts and goblins fade away 

as fragrant flowers burst into bloom, 

spreading joy across the room 

and out beyond this open door 

What more surprise may lie in store? 


Surprise on which to feast your eyes, 

still life dreams of butterflies 

Each pastel shade – pink, purple hue, 

bright this rainbow shines for you 

Allow the wonder fill your eyes 

in waves of color-swept surprise


So how does love first come to be? 

Ask a dancing bumblebee 

in faithful flight from bloom to bloom, 

wishing well the bride and groom 

that love like never felt before 

may rise to where the angels soar 

Surprise -- fresh flowers!


Hannah Rosie

Hello, Hannah Rosie! 

Heaven knows 

you’re the cutest thing ever born, 

from head to tiny toes 

Smile, Hannah Rosie! 

How you’ll grow -- kind and smart, 

say sweetheart, you got a grin that glows! 


Hello, Hannah Rosie! 

Precious rose 

you’re a bloom in pink, don’t you think 

your daddy loves you so

 Smile, Hannah Rosie! 

How you’ll grow -- wise and smart, 

say sweetheart, you got a grin that glows! 


Hello, Hannah Rosie! 

Heaven knows 

you’re the cutest thing in the world 

and we all love you so 

Smile, Hannah Rosie! 

How you’ll grow -- kind and smart, 

say sweetheart, you got a grin that glows!



Hold this child, warm and close 

Love and guide each way she grows 

Sweetest song of long ago 

Grateful gardener, tend this rose… 


If at first you don’t succeed 

or have yet to find your way 

and you are not sure which way to turn 

Be not led astray 


When the climb becomes too steep 

at a price not nice to pay 

Never once are you alone 

Help is on the way 


If at last you don’t succeed 

then at first, try try again 

Stand behind what you believe 

and if at first you don’t succeed 

we’ll make ourselves a better plan


Do you know who can do it? 

Well, YOU CAN!



Clear Blue Sky 

Sing a song with me, here we go 

From the fine first light of dawn, like a rooster crow (cock-a-doodle-doo!) 

Flash that something special, a winning smile 

It’s a warm day, with a cool breeze and a clear blue sky 


Hang on to a dream (do-do-do-do!), don’t let go 

Keep your eyes on the prize, you can make it so 

What we got is freedom, just walk outside 

on a warm day, with a cool breeze and a clear blue sky


Sing your song to me (do-do-do-do!) and many more 

May your friends around the world let out a mighty roar 

You’re nothing short of beautiful, don’t be shy 

on a warm day, with a cool breeze and a clear blue sky 

on a warm day, with a cool breeze and a clear blue sky


Go for Gold 

When the job to do must be done just so 

King Kong come and get to work gung ho 

How about a ring-ding-ding, and the truth be told 

Tame the greed or forsake the gold


That’s the way it goes 

Honest work will keep you on your toes 

Wouldn’t dare fall flat on the welcome mat 

Best to make your mark more like an acrobat!


Been a while. How you been? How you been? 

What you say we go for a spin? Come on in 

There’s a graveyard movie show you’d adore -- 

unlike an evening ever spent before 


Picnic time on the lawn, on the lawn 

Got an urge to break into song, in the throng 

Hail an all-star cast on the silver screen 

invite a ghost to join in, sight unseen 


Mr. Moon presides in the sky, that’s the guy 

with a smile on his face, 

as to say, “Here’s looking at you…” 

Hey there, Bogie, how do you do? 


They were huge in the day, in the day 

Valentino, Fairbanks -- the rage, all the rage 

May they rest in peace and eternal grace 

All welcome to their final resting place


Go for gold, but behave, I should say 

Not by greed be led to the grave, not today 

As the moon will shine and the West was won 

Hey, thanks to you know who is having fun


Mr. Moon up high in the sky, king size 

Keep that smile open wide 

May your conscience serve as your guide 

Mr. Huston, thanks for the ride…



My Friends 

My friends arrived; they’ve come to town. This horse just won the Triple Crown 

Make no secret who to thank. Take your winnings to the bank


My friends came by; they brought balloons. Can’t wait to sing our favorite tunes 

You, the highs; I, the lows. We might just hit it on the nose!


Thanks my friends, love you all, patient tree grow straight and tall


My friends are kind, full of fun – you’d think I’d hit a hole in one 

They’re always jumping up and down – cheer you up, play the clown


What makes two people friend or foe? I tell you, I’d sure like to know 

No dice living in the past, to find the future’s come too fast


Thanks my friends, sound the call… 


My friends arrived. They’ve come to call. That’s them grinning, one and all 

Pleasant dreams to each of you, peace of mind, long overdue


Would-be actors crash the show, flub their lines -- whoosh, off they go 

Then again there’re those like you. We’re granted each a precious few 


Thanks my friends, love you all, no good deed can be too small



Floating on Air 

Floating on air; it comes with a view 

Wide open spaces are calling to you 

Take time to greet them and taste the fresh air 

Proceed with kindness and care 

Savor the feeling of floating on air


Floating on air, like love at first sight 

Oh, to be dreaming of holding you tight 

Would I trade places with some billionaire? 

Never, no way, not a prayer -- 

not for this feeling of floating on air 


Floating on air; great clouds on display 

wave as the sun sends them off on their way, 

until the sky is now nothing but blue 

One little thing left to do: 

All that remains is to say I love YOU




Say! So spring has sprung! 

The morning rain clouds passed through 

Thank you for the sun 

and what will grow 

to make this old fruit basket glad to overflow! 


Save your biggest smile 

to welcome all those good things 

growing on the vine -- 

soon to be ripe, 

to make our all-time favorite 

fresh-baked berry pie!


Hip Hip Hooray! Let’s sing this song (indubitably do!) 

in praise of all those friends like YOU 

who spur me on 

You’re very nice 

You show the way to make this world a paradise!


This Far 

We have come this far on board a star, 

to be born once more each day 

As a bird, arise, come greet the dawn 

Long last yawn make way


Come along and share what’s in your heart, 

in emerging hope and joy 

We have come this far on board a star, 

to be born once more each day 


We have come too far to lose our way, 

when you think of all they gave -- 

to devote their lives advancing ours, 

each and every day 


Now in song we long to breathe new life -- 

that song, an ode to joy 

We have come this far on board a star… 

to be born once more today!