"Might as well admit it.

       I’m the one who did it.

         Went and fell in love.

              What was I thinking of..."


and thank you for making this landing a happy one - somewhere over the rainbo- in search of that pot o' gold?... in the promised land of Los Angeles.

You are always welcome at my online home, even during pandemics. Thanks for social distancing - please don't be offended by the temperature check; if you forgot your mask I have extras...

What is happening in your neck of the woods?? I hope: less to worry about than here in mid-August (coronavirus hotspot) Southern California!

Amid all the excitement generated by the new national pastime of Covid-keep away (or as The Bee Gees used to say, Stayin' Alive) work on my fourth album is proceeding more rapidly than I ever dreamed possible.

But first things first:

- ANY DAY now, a brand new song makes its debut RIGHT HERE on the website!

- The CURIOSITY album is newly availableand so are two of its singles, Love at First Sight and Sweet Dreams. They can be obtained through the website store on this site.

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- To all who have kindly supported me through purchases of CDs and songs... I cannot thank you enough -your interest & support is what enables me to continue doing what I love most, which is making & sharing music!

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- Share your opinion about any of the songs... features you'd like to see included... or anything on your mind, pandemic-related or otherwise - even the weather. If you decide to buy the new album, I won't try to talk you out of it, but it's not like I'm expecting you to put my stuffed animals through college.

Sure hope you & loved ones are doing WELL!


**Clicking on this photo will allow you to subscribe to my YouTube channel immediately.

**Clicking on this photo will allow you to subscribe to my YouTube channel immediately.

For those who are wondering, Where on earth is truly safe?... here's a recently-released song for our times titled, Where.                     

A Few Thoughts... about the MUSIC BUSINESS

Though we are living in an age of popular music increasingly all about individual streamed songs and playlists, I'd like to say this: 

If you do like a song or two of mine, as you come to learn more, it's likely you'll find that for me, it's much more about the entire album.

As a symphony has more than one movement, and cannot be adequately expressed in several short minutes, my songs were not originally written and recorded as singles. Yes, they've mostly come into being one at a time, but generally as part of the greater whole of an album.

The first album, PICTURES, released at the end of 2015 (after three years of recording) was really just that: each song expressing/relating to a picture, and the whole thing a kind of musical photo album containing those images. The tunes on the next album, 2017's WAKING UP, explored different avenues of awakening, song-by-song. Can you guess what I'm about to say about 2020's just now-released CURIOSITY collection?

Right! - I would encourage you to do as I did when first discovering the musical heroes in my personal songwriting Hall of Fame - Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, JIm Croce, Joni Mitchell, Graham Nash, Ralph McTell, Dan Fogelberg, Pete Seeger, Bruce "The Boss," Paul Simon... and give the artist - in this case, me - the opportunity to share ideas and speak his mind in greater depth than just a song or two, here or there.

Bottom line: If you're looking for richer musical experiences, then please click here on the STORE link and check out these albums!

To Whom It May Concern:

Anyone visiting today in the mood for change?... racial justice?... a sing-along opportunity?

LADIES & GENTLEMEN:   Now for the moment we've long been waiting for (for me, since the days when my parents woke my sister, my brother and me for school, booming the soundtrack recording of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Oh What a Beautiful Morning, from the living room). Would someone kindly dim the lights, please? Drumroll...

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