Many of you will remember a song - on the Beatles album, Rubber Soul - that begins: "Say the word and you'll be free   Say the word and be like me   Say the word I'm thinking of   Have you heard the word is ____"  (Anyone  asking for a hint to fill in the blank: it rhymes with "dove.")

In Lennon's words - quoted in The Beatles Anthology: "It sort of dawned on me that love was the answer... My first expression of it was a song called, 'The Word.'... It seems like the underlying theme to the universe."

What a difference that underlying theme has made for me the last few years of writing songs. It's become the driving force behind a just-released album, WHAT COULD BE - enabling it to grow into a 14-song symphony of wonderment and awe,


In the spirit of John, Paul & company (Rubber Soul had 14 songs, too) :

The new album awaits the high honor of winging its way to you - and anyone else you know of who enjoys receiving uplifting gifts. 

A tap on the hat below opens to a recent review of WHAT COULD BE on the popular "Mesmerized" music blog site.

Enjoy a freshly-baked video of the album's title track - hot out of the oven...

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