1. How Much More

From the recording How Much More

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Michael Lyon's new acoustic anthem, How Much More, is inspired by the American folk music tradition popularized by artists such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Peter, Paul & Mary, and Joan Baez.

Rooted in traditional and indie folk music, How Much More is an acoustic sing-along plea - encouraging people of all different races, ages, ethnic backgrounds, genders, lifestyles... to do more listening to each other and get involved in changing lives for the better, while working together to create a more caring, loving and safer future for our children, country and world.

All are encouraged to tap toes, bob heads, shake shoulders... and as the song suggests, "Sound out, now nice and loud!"

Rather than clinging to the kind of divisive path that's led toward disillusionment too long for too many, How Much More is asking us to make more empathetic choices - "being heard and not just hard of hearing anymore."

Info & Contact: https://www.MichaelLyonMusic.com


How Much More by Michael Lyon

How much more is yet to come – and left us wanting more
More than watch – so, get involved

How much more it’s going to take mistakes to answer for?
How much more of wait and see, before we say: No more!

How much more, it’s up to us – to make a better choice
Sound out, now nice and loud

Many voices joined as one - so long waiting for
Being heard and not just hard of hearing anymore

Being heard and not just hard of hearing anymore

How much more is now enough, to liberate the cork
Twist… Pop… When to pour?

Not yet time for sweet champagne – a lot more work in store
Wonder once we get this right, how loud becomes the roar

Being heard, no more need for fearing
Fans are on their feet and how they’re cheering
Being heard and not just hard of hearing anymore!