1. High Road

From the recording Waking Up

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High Road
by Michael Lyon

Make it a promise to keep, man to the moon, one giant leap
No giving up on ideals, proceed to the route, stop spinning our wheels
Say, do you know, where's the high road?

Precious the promise of peace, a dove in the hand our children release
You got the power to lead - want to be fair or more about greed?
Oh, would you know, where's the high road?

Mama taught me right from wrong
Stand up, what is it we're waiting for?
What's a better time than just right now?
There's a high road

What IS the source of our strength - weapons of war or freedom of speech?
Picture a pathway of hope, insight and love, well within reach
Deep down you know - there's a high road

Life reveals our time not long
Wake up, what is it we're waiting for?
What is wrong if all of us... ALL of us belong?
There's a high road

Deep down you know: there's a high road
Oh yeah, you know: there's... a... high... road