1. Take Your Time

From the recording Curiosity

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Take Your Time
by Michael Lyon

Time to relax, pull up a chair
Find a balloon to fly, we'll float on air
Yesterday's long gone, so long
Let's play on... Nothing to fear, take your time

Waves rolling in from the ocean
Each one awaits in its place in line
Think of the view as a gift to you
Your lucky day - take your time

Anyone willing to volunteer?
Who's in the mood to come and save the day?
Would it be, should it be, could it be you? Want to?
How do I thank you? Be my guest, take your time

Will we come through? If only I knew
Check with an expert who hasn't a clue

No need to lose your composure
After a shower the sun will shine
Pause for a snooze if you so choose
(no rash conclusion, mass confusion) and

Take your time