1. Grab a Hold

From the recording Curiosity

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Grab a Hold
by Michael Lyon

Raise your hand, Peter Pan
Off we go to wonderland
Yours to hold, a pot of gold
Rainbows, left and right

Pretty soon we’re flying… Grab a hold of life

Cast a spell, Tinker Bell
Wings of wonder serve us well
Full faith and trust in fairy dust
and magic carpet rides

Have no fear of flying… you strike gold in trying
Grab a hold of life

Umm hmmm… Mmmm hmmm hmmm
Mmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm, mmm hmmm hmmm
Poor Captain Hook, the path you took
Well, something went awry

Crocodiles catch pirates … don’t float off in silence
Grab a hold… Grab a hold of life… Umm hmmm… Mmm hmmm hmmm…