1. Sing Your Song

From the recording Waking Up

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Sing Your Song

Get this show on the road: Sing your song
Ready? Rhyme! Curtain time, all day long
Hello, Mr. Chickadee! You hop to -- from tree to tree
Attaboy, spreading joy: Sing your song

Spill the beans, eat your greens: YOU -- be strong
Much-maligned, never mind, whereupon
Hug the priest, tame the beast, first forgive to say the least
On your toes, thar she blows: Sing your song… Hey Hey!

Do it right away! No cold feet, trick or treat
Look who’s in the driver’s seat

Take the show, on the road: Rise and shine!
Tap your feet, to the beat, yours and mine
Fall in love, do it right, roll on out our wedding night
No remorse, stay the course: Sing your song… Hey Hey!

Do it right away! Ditch the fad, work like mad
Thanks a million, Mom & Dad!