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  1. Floating On Air

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SPELLBINDING, debut collection of original songs by a melodic & lyrical force to be reckoned with -- crafted in the finest tradition of the charismatic American singer-songwriter!


Floating on Air
by Michael Lyon

Floating on air; it comes with a view

Wide open spaces are calling to you

Take time to greet them and taste the fresh air

Proceed with kindness and care

Savor the feeling of floating on air

Floating on air, like love at first sight

Oh, to be dreaming of holding you tight

Would I trade places with some billionaire?

Never, no way, not a prayer --

not for this feeling of floating on air

Floating on air; great clouds on display

wave as the sun sends them off on their way,

until the sky is now nothing but blue

One little thing left to do:

All that remains is to say I love YOU