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  1. My Friends

From the recording Pictures

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SPELLBINDING, debut collection of original songs by a melodic & lyrical force to be reckoned with -- crafted in the finest tradition of the charismatic American singer-songwriter!


My Friends
by Michael Lyon

My friends arrived; they’ve come to town. This horse just won the Triple Crown

Make no secret who to thank. Take your winnings to the bank

My friends came by; they brought balloons. Can’t wait to sing our favorite tunes

You, the highs; I, the lows. We might just hit it on the nose!

Thanks my friends, love you all, patient tree grow straight and tall

My friends are kind, full of fun – you’d think I’d hit a hole in one

They’re always jumping up and down – cheer you up, play the clown

What makes two people friend or foe? I tell you, I’d sure like to know

No dice living in the past, to find the future’s come too fast

Thanks my friends, sound the call…

My friends arrived. They’ve come to call. That’s them grinning, one and all

Pleasant dreams to each of you, peace of mind, long overdue

Would-be actors crash the show, flub their lines -- whoosh, off they go

Then again there’re those like you. We’re granted each a precious few

Thanks my friends, love you all, no good deed can be too small