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  1. Go For Gold

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SPELLBINDING, debut collection of original songs by a melodic & lyrical force to be reckoned with -- crafted in the finest tradition of the charismatic American singer-songwriter!


Go for Gold
by Michael Lyon

When the job to do must be done just so

King Kong come and get to work gung ho

How about a ring-ding-ding, and the truth be told

Tame the greed or forsake the gold

That’s the way it goes

Honest work will keep you on your toes

Wouldn’t dare fall flat on the welcome mat

Best to make your mark more like an acrobat!

Been a while. How you been? How you been?

What you say we go for a spin? Come on in

There’s a graveyard movie show you’d adore --

unlike an evening ever spent before

Picnic time on the lawn, on the lawn

Got an urge to break into song, in the throng

Hail an all-star cast on the silver screen

invite a ghost to join in, sight unseen

Mr. Moon presides in the sky, that’s the guy

with a smile on his face,

as to say, “Here’s looking at you…”

Hey there, Bogie, how do you do?

They were huge in the day, in the day

Valentino, Fairbanks -- the rage, all the rage

May they rest in peace and eternal grace

All welcome to their final resting place

Go for gold, but behave, I should say

Not by greed be led to the grave, not today

As the moon will shine and the West was won

Hey, thanks to you know who is having fun

Mr. Moon up high in the sky, king size

Keep that smile open wide

May your conscience serve as your guide

Mr. Huston, thanks for the ride…