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  1. Surprise

From the recording Pictures

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SPELLBINDING, debut collection of original songs by a melodic & lyrical force to be reckoned with -- crafted in the finest tradition of the charismatic American singer-songwriter!


by Michael Lyon

Surprise -- fresh flowers, a big bouquet!

Ghosts and goblins fade away

as fragrant flowers burst into bloom,

spreading joy across the room

and out beyond this open door

What more surprise may lie in store?

Surprise on which to feast your eyes,

still life dreams of butterflies

Each pastel shade – pink, purple hue,

bright this rainbow shines for you

Allow the wonder fill your eyes

in waves of color-swept surprise

So how does love first come to be?

Ask a dancing bumblebee

in faithful flight from bloom to bloom,

wishing well the bride and groom

that love like never felt before

may rise to where the angels soar

Surprise -- fresh flowers!