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Golden Gate Bridge
by Michael Lyon

I’m in love with you know who
You remind me of a movie star, the camera’s rolling
I, like you, know two goes better than one
Do you agree? We’re free to take our time

Golden Gate Bridge twinkles tonight
Sun sets, moon rises, mom was right
Catch a good night’s sleep, leaves me wide awake
There’s a second chance; it’s a brand new day

No use trying to be someone that I’m not
just going to preach or ask for money, honey
Make a silly face as we realize all we got
The best is free, the rest is over-priced

When I make it big I won’t forget to send
thousand dollar bills to all my long lost friends
No, but don’t thank me, that’s what friends are for
If your ship came in, you would give me more – you would!

Ought to take the time to take the TV out of the house
I sit and get so fat and lazy, baby
Want to take you out, enjoy the evening dancing about
We’ll shake our hips ‘til they reduce in size

Pick me up, lift me off the ground
If it makes you dizzy simply spin me ‘round
With some fancy feet and a quick tip toe
I forgot to ask, did you like the show?