Better Future

Michael Lyon

Michael Lyon's "Better Future" is a compelling acoustic invitation for us to come together in the spirit of mutual respect, hard work, and common values - the American can-DO attitude. It not only made our united country possible in the first place, but the envy and hope of the world ever since.

If ever there was a time for us to live up to the promise of those cherished words from The Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident..." that time is now.

Woody Guthrie expressed it movingly in his folk song, "This Land is Your Land." So did Bob Dylan with "Blowin' in the Wind," John Lennon in "Imagine," and Bruce Springsteen in "The Rising." May the vast number of brighter tomorrows awaiting us and our children, and the realization of all we are capable of when putting our heads together, help summon our strength of common purpose in making these fondest of dreams a reality.

Better Future by Michael Lyon

Someone wants to place a bigger crown upon his head Long ago we changed the way our country would be led Make our greatness real What we long to feel Drawn to where a better future lies ahead One of high ideals, hopes and dreams There a better future lies ahead

The founding of America took place through blood and toil Had the battles not been won, no nation would be born In that hard-fought way It is ours today and tomorrow if we have our say Find out how greatness feels, speaking truth that heals Our much better future cries out Let a better future rise ahead

We've come a long long way to make this home today and tomorrow if we have our say There within our reach - respect for each Our much better future cries out Proud steps forward leaving no doubt It's true, a better future lies ahead

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