Before saying a few words about my new song, Love, there is a related subject close to my heart about a gigantic decision in November's election now facing the country I've long loved, through good times and bad.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me to hear it's been keeping YOU up at night as well during the last four years.

I've just written a song on this topic. It's called Better Future. 

Rather than resigning ourselves to an uncertain, deeply divided future of "us versus them" - more about the leader (of a certain segment of the population) than the pressing concerns of all those being led - this song is first and foremost an appeal to get the lead out, and make sure our diverse voices are indeed heard.

Because elections are decided only by those who actually VOTE - let's take nothing for granted, but rather do for democracy as our democracy has long done a world of good for us:

Vote to help bring about a Better Future!

I hope you will give this song your thoughtful attention. If you like what you hear, please spread the word...


If you're able to stop and smell the roses - or even if that's asking a lot: Please take a moment to enjoy another just-released song, Love, by clicking below on the rose of your choice...

If the song, Love, speaks to you, you are not alone. The influential music blog, EAR To The Ground, also gave it some love in this recent review of the song:  https://www.eartothegroundmusic.co/2020/09/04/three-acoustic-folk-tunes-to-bring-you-calm/

As you see below, the song has been attracting attention on streaming services like iTunes:

What's up in your neck of the woods?? Less to worry about, I hope, than in (wildfire-plagued... consistent coronavirus hotspot) Southern California!

In the midst of all the excitement generated by our national pastime of Covid-keep away (or as The Bee Gees used to say, Stayin' Alive) work on my fourth album is proceeding more rapidly than ever dreamed possible.

But first things first:

- The CURIOSITY album is now out and readily available via the website store and other fine online sites!

- To all who have supported my music... I cannot thank you enough -your interest and purchases enable me to continue making & sharing songs!

- In addition to obtaining the new album (or previous ones) please consider: signing up on the site's email list further down this homepage... clicking on the photo directly below to subscribe to my YouTube channel... saying hello - via the Contact tab...

- Feel free to share your opinion about any of the songs... features you'd like to see included... or anything on your mind, regarding the election, pandemic-related, or otherwise - even the weather. If you decide to buy the new CURIOSITY album, I won't try to talk you out of it, but it's not like I'm expecting you to put my stuffed animals through college.

Sure hope you & loved ones are doing WELL!


**In less time than it takes to shuffle off to Buffalo, clicking on this image will allow you to subscribe to my YouTube channel at once.

**In less time than it takes to shuffle off to Buffalo, clicking on this image will allow you to subscribe to my YouTube channel at once.

For those wondering, Where on earth is truly safe these days?... here are a couple of recently-released songs reflecting our times: Where          Calling All.      

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