1. Where

From the recording Where

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"Where IS safe?" has been a burning question on the minds of many. While the answer is not always apparent, my fondest wish in writing and singing this song is that some of you will conclude, as I have: the best hope we have in creating a better, safer tomorrow lies along an (often difficult) path of greater thoughtfulness, patience, kindness... and love.


by Michael Lyon

Where no harm would lay you low
Step inside a flower show
Where on earth is safe at all?
Feet first down a waterfall

Deep breath just before you go
Test the waters’ rapid flow
Where and when again to swim -
without risking life and limb?

Deep breath just before you go
Beat back each last mortal foe
Danger dispatched far away
Live to love another day

Where love guides you there make time
Love’s the cause of sun to shine
Where the heart just longs to go
Step inside a flower show