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Love leads everyplace - from acoustic, indie, folk, and pop music... to country, rock, and jazz. It led The Beatles to sing, "Love is old, love is new," on Abbey Road. Love is also the motivating, captivating force for Michael Lyon's new acoustic composition, "Love" - a song for all seasons, rhymes and reasons.

Love is the launching pad of countless dream-filled wonders, including the flowering of artists like The Everly Brothers (Bye Bye Love), Nat King Cole (L-O-V-E), Simon & Garfunkel (The Sound of Silence), Cat Stevens (How Can I Tell You), Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Teach Your Children), U2 (Pride In the Name of Love), Queen (Crazy Little Thing Called Love), Taylor Swift (Love Story), Ed Sheeran (Perfect)...

For trailblazing musicians like these, spreading love and happiness has long been a way of life. Why not follow their lead: pick up a guitar, make a wish... and soon realize: there's no better time than today, tomorrow and rest of our lives to "feel the love we are part of."

Consider this your official standing (sitting, kneeling, dancing...) invitation to get on with the business - and pleasure - of rejoicing over our "mission through outer space, unfazed," with LOVE "abiding each moment through time and space, all our days."

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Love by Michael Lyon


Love lights every face Maps out the mission through outer space, unfazed

Love leads everyplace Longing to hold us in full embrace, always

Feel the love we are part of From the start of time Spread the word ‘round the whole wide world With sun’s rays of light

Love, our saving grace Abiding each moment through time and space, all our days

Be the love we’re all part of The light in darkest hours Love works wonders Spring, spread your flowers


Love lights every face Love, our saving grace Love leads everyplace


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